A Dietitian’s Guide to Snacks

Let’s talk about snacks. They’re one of my favorite things in the whole entire world, honestly. I might love snacks more than my husband (kidding, kind of). But snacking in the classroom can be tricky when trying to navigate around allergies, especially nut allergies. So I’ve teamed up with my friend, Emilie Burgess, a Registered Dietitian, to share some nut-free snack ideas with you all. She has put together some great options for nutrient-dense, yummy snacks. These are perfect for you to pack as a teacher, to toss in your kids’ lunch boxes, or to share with your students’ families as classroom-approved snacks! 

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Emilie encourages snacking in pairs to combine a protein source with another food group. Let’s take a look at some of her perfect pair ideas!

-Pretzels and SunbutterSunbutter is made with seeds, so it is a nut-free alternative for dipping

-Yogurt and nut-free granola– As a teacher, I feel like I need to say this: don’t forget to pack a spoon! Reusable ones are best to be eco-friendly

-Nut-free snack bars and strawberries– There are many nut-free bar options out there, like Made Good Bars or 88 Acres. Check the wrapper for the ingredients!

-Dried chickpeas and apple slices – Apple slices are one of my go-to snacks in and out of the classroom. Toss them in lemon juice or cinnamon to avoid browning

-Applesauce and cheese – Mini Babybel wheels or cheese sticks are super easy to toss into lunch boxes!

Carrot sticks and hummus– For the veggie haters out there, pretzels are a great dipping option


-Fig Newtons and berries– I swear my parents convinced me Fig Newtons were better than Oreos when I was a kid, so these are a throwback for me!

-Banana and seed butter– Sunbutter and watermelon seed butters are great options and many come in squeezepacks to avoid the mess

-Crackers and cheese– This is my personal favorite, so I had to save the best for last

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Emilie was kind enough to compile this list into a printable for you, including some brands she has tried and loves. Click on the image below to download it and keep it on your fridge for future reference. Happy snacking, friends! 

Nut Free Snacks


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