The Best Teacher Backpack Round Up

As the school year approaches, I am in the market for a new teacher bag and this year, I’ve decided I’m going to kick it old school and get a teacher backpack! I asked my followers on Instagram to send their favorite teacher backpacks my way and after being asked to share, decided to round the most common answers up into one place for you all. An important note: I personally have not used any of these backpacks. However, any that I’m sharing were suggested multiple times from other teachers, so they’re tried and trusted from your fellow educators. Read on to check them out!


The Teacher Tote Backpack – $79.99

This was overwhelmingly one of the most suggested teacher backpacks. With two pockets, a laptop compartment, and an insulated lunchbox space, it’s no surprise that as I write this post, it’s sold out! The website says it will be launching mid-August, so keep your eyes open! 


Photo Credit: The Teacher Tote


Himawari Backpack from Amazon – $39.99 for regular size, $48.99 for large size

This one was also highly recommended! It comes in two sizes, regular and large, and has lots of inner pockets and a laptop sleeve inside. It comes in SO many colors, too! 



Photo Credit: Amazon


Square Backpack – Universal Thread from Target – $32.99

I absolutely love the look of this backpack, especially the Cognac leather style! It has internal pockets, both slip and zip, and fits up to a 13” laptop. Super cute and affordable!

Universal Thread

Photo Credit: Target

Everlane ReNew Transit Backpack – $78.00

If you’re looking for a modern looking bag, this is definitely the one for you! It is made from 100% recycled polyester and has all the pockets. A perfect bag for a teacher who may commute on public transportation because it has a secure inner pocket and a smaller outer pocket for easy access! 


Photo Credit: Everlane

Madewell Lorimer Backpack – $198.00

Is it possible to fall in love with a backpack? Asking for a friend… This bag is definitely a splurge purchase for our teacher budgets, but it is beautiful, made of real leather, and has internal and external pockets. If you’re a fashion forward teacher, this is the bag for you.


Photo Credit: Madewell

Lululemon City Adventurer Backpack – $128.00

Another one that is on the more expensive side, but this backpack is perfect for on-the-go teachers. It has a lower compartment to keep things like snacks or lunch separate (they say it’s for sweaty gym clothes but, like, come on), an internal water bottle pocket, and a sleeve for your laptop. It is made of water-resistant fabric and comes in a few different colors! 


Photo Credit: Lululemon

Kah&Kee Backpack on Amazon – $38.99

This bag comes in so many different style options that it’s almost impossible to decide which I like best! I love the buff/camel color option! You also can choose to order it in a small or large size. It has a smaller front zip pocket, inside pockets, a laptop sleeve, and a water bottle pouch! Definitely a great and affordable option! 


Photo Credit: Amazon

That’s it for bags that had multiple/many votes! Some other ideas were the Motile Backpack from Walmart (which was sadly sold out at the time of writing this post), Vera Bradley backpacks, Thirty One bags, the Beis Work Tote (not a backpack), and Hershel backpacks. Did I miss any others? Feel free to leave them in a comment below or send them to me on Instagram so I can check them out and pass them along!